Nov 2, 2023

In our rapidly evolving world, marked by the imperative of innovation and the demand for efficiency, AWS presents a comprehensive array of developer tools designed to empower businesses and developers alike. Whether your focus lies in the realm of DevOps practices, AWS boasts a rich selection of tools and services tailored to support you on your expedition through the digital landscape. Join us as we delve into the realm of AWS developer tools.


Top 5 Key Development Tools


1)  AWS Cloud


AWS Cloud9 is the ultimate solution for a comprehensive coding experience that covers project creation, testing, and debugging. It supports a wide range of programming languages, including JavaScript, and Python, eliminating the need for complex local configurations. This cloud-hosted, browser-based integrated development environment provides all the essential tools for coding, offering a code editor, debugger, and terminal. With internet access, you can work from anywhere, making AWS Cloud9 a popular choice among AWS developer tools.




Integration with AWS CodeStar for CI/CD pipeline setup.

Colour schemes and stylesheet modification allow you to change the appearance of the UI.

Built-in image editor for quick picture editing in the browser.

 Within the IDE, there are integrated tools for writing, debugging, and command-line operations.

 Terminal with full sudo rights and pre-authorised AWS CLI for command execution.

For familiarity with commands and shortcuts, you can use VIM, Emacs, or Sublime key bindings or construct custom key bindings.

Allows for real-time collaboration by allowing for pair programming and live input tracking.


2)  AWS CodeCommit


AWS CodeCommit stands as an integral component within the AWS developer tools offering a robust and fully managed source control service meticulously designed to facilitate the administration of private Git repositories for businesses. Moreover, it excels in the secure hosting and expansion of repositories, simplifying the complexities associated with configuring and maintaining the infrastructure required for source control. By leveraging AWS CodeCommit in tandem with other AWS development tools, you gain a formidable arsenal to enhance the ease and quality of your software development projects.




Event alerts are sent via Amazon SNS, allowing actions and Lambda function invocations in reaction to repository events.

Allows for code commits, merging, and pull requests, all of which promote collaborative teamwork.

Collaboration is aided via branch management, pull requests, and code reviews.

AWS Identity and Access Management is used to manage data access, with monitoring provided by AWS CloudTrail and CloudWatch.

Integration with Git tools and processes is seamless for developer comfort.

Integrates well with other AWS services, allowing for more efficient DevOps workflows and native cloud application interaction.


3)  AWS CodeDeploy


AWS CodeDeploy, a vital component in the realm of AWS deployment tools, serves as an automation platform tailored to the seamless deployment of code across diverse instances, encompassing Lambda, and on-premise servers. This tool plays a pivotal role in expediting the release of new features while minimising downtime during application updates. By simplifying the intricacies of application updates, CodeDeploy distinguishes itself as an efficient solution for code deployment automation.




Reduces downtime during application updates, supporting continuous service.

Scalability is quick, enabling deployments ranging from a single instance to thousands.

Ensures that deployments are consistent across different instances, removing the need for manual intervention.

Ensures system stability and resilience by simplifying rollback to the prior version.

Integrates seamlessly with major DevOps tools and practices, improving the deployment workflow.

Through Amazon’s SNS connection, it provides alerts and monitors deployment events, increasing visibility and control.


4)  AWS CodePipeline


AWS CodePipeline stands as a fully managed and comprehensive continuous delivery solution, engineered to simplify and automate the various stages involved in releasing and updating applications and infrastructure. This empowers you to consistently and swiftly deliver new features and improvements. CodePipeline further offers the flexibility to seamlessly connect with external services, such as GitHub, and accommodate custom plugins, making it a versatile tool in the AWS developer toolbox.




Notifies Amazon SNS about pipeline events, including status updates and resource links.

Support for custom plugins ensures versatility.

Build, test, and deploy phases are automated for consistent updates in reaction to code changes.

Pipeline structure is defined using declarative JSON documents, allowing for quick modifications and new pipeline development.

Streamlines release process workflows by defining pipelines, phases, and actions.

Allows AWS Lambda to invoke custom functions at any level, increasing flexibility and automation.

It uses a pay-as-you-go model, which ensures cost efficiency because you only pay for the resources and services that you actively use.


5)  AWS CloudShell


 It comes with pre-installed tools, pre-authenticated access, and support for AWS CLI and SDKs, all provided at no additional cost. AWS CloudShell is a pivotal component within the AWS developer tools arsenal, presenting a secure and user-friendly browser-based shell that streamlines the management of AWS resources.




1 GB persistent storage for your scripts and configuration files is included.

AWS commands and scripts are executed and managed seamlessly from your browser, removing the need for external logins.

Allows for the execution of scripts using AWS Service APIs via AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs) for multiple programming languages.


AWS tool

In Essence 


These AWS development tools empower you to optimise your development workflow, and deploy with these powerful AWS developer tools. These technologies emphasise flexibility and cost-effectiveness, which aligns perfectly with the ideas of AWS Cost Optimisation. Tt also offers a comprehensive and adaptable range of services, meticulously crafted to streamline the software development and deployment life cycle within the AWS cloud platform.

Whether you’re automating code deployments with AWS CodeDeploy, constructing continuous integration pipelines using AWS CodePipeline, or safeguarding code quality through AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeCommit, these tools represent indispensable assets in the realm of modern software development.

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